Xiaopeng G6 mini fridge Colku XP5 centre console fridge

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Colku XP5 special modified car fridge is one of mini fridges which is design for Xiaopeng G6100% match the rear centre console and remain intact. Compressor refrigeration technology can make the fridge achieve a minimum cooling temperature of -8°C, Cooling and warming function which can satisfy your different needs. And it can also achieve rapid cooling, from 32°C to 0°C within 20 mins. Its small design will be more space saving, can contain 6 cans of 330ml drink with 4 liters capacity. Don’t worry about the installation, we have tools and guide video which can help you how to install step by step, within 30 mins can be finished. So don’t hesitate to carry Colku new energy vehicle car refrigerator with your Xiaopeng G6, enjoy cooling and warming whenever.





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①Specially design for Xiaopeng G6, perfect match the rear centre console. Can remain intact after installation.

②Compressor refrigeration, lowest temperature can reach -8°C with ECO energy saving 30W.

③Cooling and warming function for your option, to satisfy your different need not matter winter or summer.

④Small design and space saving, with big capacity can contain 6 cans of drink in the rear centre console of your Xiaopeng G6.

⑤Built in LED light for illumination, different mode have different color.

⑥LED control panel with sensitive button, easy and convenient to make the adjustment.

⑦Button style lock design, easy to open the fridge and take out the thing.




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