INTER MILANO, as an internationally famous football club, who has outstanding players and loyal fans all over the world.

We are very honoured and proud to collaborate with INTER MILANO in 2023.

In the past of the COVID-19, outdoor sport activity and camping economy have sprung up. Colku has also seized the opportunity to actively participate in major exhibitions to show the world our new series products specially for all kinds of outdoor activities.

In Beijing exhibition this year, the representative of MILANO passed by our booth and were attracted by the innovation design of our products.

We became friend because of we have similar interests (we all have a strong interest in football and outdoor activities.

After that, Inter Milano continued to advance in the Champions League and decisively signed the exclusive Chinese IP authorization for refrigeration products after reaching the quarter finals.



Colku and GMCC


The cooperation between Colku and GMCC is a mutual achievement choice between the two companies.

GMCC was found in 1995, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of rotary compressors. It was formed by Chinese Midea and Japanese Toshiba.

At a technical seminar on parking air conditioning compressor, we accidentally had a deep communication with R&D personnel from GMCC, which gave Colku the opportunity to break through. With rich experience and technical strength in the field of home air conditioning, GMCC took the first step in extending from household air conditioning to parking air conditioning after the depth communication with Colku.

In 2022, Colku's market share in the high-end parking air conditioning market has reached 70%. In the mean time, GMCC market share of air conditioning compressors ranks first in the world, with annual sales exceeding 100 million units. The market share of refrigerator compressors ranks among the top three in the world.

Colku and Alibaba

In 2001, Colku began to produce DC compressor refrigerators, automotive minibar, outdoor gas refrigerators, solar DC refrigerator which were well sold in many countries all over the world and we also began our export trade.

Alibaba, which is committed to making business that is not difficult to do in the world, becoming the first platform for us to develop our online export trade and promote our brand overseas.

In 2008, our first store has launched on, and became the gold verified supplier on for 15 consecutive years.

During this period, our products and services received up to 90% positive reviews, and Colku gains more and more trust and support from consumers and purchasers come from all over the world.

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