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In the design phase, we are committed to providing you with innovative and tailored product designs that meet your needs. Our design team will develop creative concepts through in-depth understanding of your requirements, and transform them into feasible product designs in an efficient and manufacturable manner. 
  Service delivery:
1.Innovative product concepts and design solutions. 2.Complete product design documents, including CAD drawings and technical specifications.



In the drawing production phase, we will refine and improve the product drawings based on the concepts of the design phase. This step is crucial to ensuring production accuracy and consistency.

Service delivery:
1.Detailed product 2D and 3D drawings (PS, CAD), including dimensions, materials, and processing requirements.
2.Clear process flow diagram to ensure smooth production.

3D Printing Production

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By utilizing advanced 3D printing technology, we transform product designs into solid models. This step aims to provide a fast and accurate prototype for further evaluation and validation.

Service delivery:
1.A high-precision 3D printing model that showcases the appearance and shape of the product.
2.Conduct preliminary product validation to check the feasibility of the design.

Moulding Produce

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In the mold making stage, we will make the mold based on the final product design. This is to prepare for large-scale production, ensuring that each product maintains consistency and a high level of quality.

Service delivery:
1.Customized product molds to ensure compliance with design and production standards.
2.Preliminary mold testing and adjustment to ensure smooth production.

Off-tool Sample

off-tool sample (3)

After the mold production is completed, we will make initial samples for comprehensive product testing. This step is crucial to ensuring consistency in production batches.

Service delivery:
1.Initial production samples are used to verify the accuracy of the mold and production process.
2.Provide sample inspection reports to ensure that the product meets quality standards.

Testing and Certification

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Testing and certification (4)
Testing and certification (6)
Testing and certification (9)
Testing and certification (8)

In the final stage of production, we will conduct comprehensive testing and certification. This ensures that the product complies with relevant industry and regulatory standards, providing customers with a reassuring user experience.

Service delivery:
1.Product performance testing and verification reports.
2.Certifications and certificates compliant with industry standards.

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