Portable fridge freezer Colku DC-25T camping fridge

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Colku DC-25T is versatile portable car refrigerator, with 24 liters capacity which can contact 24 cans of 330ml drink. You can use our products whether in your vehicle at camp, cottage or your home. Individual compartment temperature control enables customizable fridge/freezer combinations. Setting temperature range is from -18°C to +10°C with two working modes (Turbo/ECO). Two hidden handles allow you to carry it easily no matter wherever. The plastic material and thick insulation layer make the product lighter with better insulation performance.








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① The capacity of this car fridge is 24 liters.

② Easy-to-use control panel.

③ With compressor refrigeration technology.

④ The color of this series fridge is light grey,it means that it is stain resistant.

⑤ The material of the fridge is plastic,so it make it very light,the weigh of the product is 10.5kg.

⑥ There are two hidden handle in the both sides of the fridge,so it is very easy to carry when you are outdoor camping with it.

⑦ LED light inside which can make you see the inside of the fridge clearly and find exactly what you want when you are outing with the fridge at night.




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