What market has the armrest car refrigerator opened for wholesalers and merchants?

In the field of outdoor exploration and business vehicle modification, refrigerators play a crucial role. Colku Corporation leads technological innovation and brings a remarkable product to the market – the armrest position refrigerator series. This refrigerator not only has mobility and portability, but also maintains a cold chain effect when away from power, bringing more possibilities for outdoor life.

In business vehicle modification or outdoor exploration, mobility is crucial. The compact design of the DC-18FDC-10F,DC-15F) series refrigerator and its shape similar to that of a computer host make it easy to carry and place, making it very suitable for mobile business and outdoor scenes. For B-end buyers who need to keep their ingredients fresh in outdoor environments, the low temperature performance of this series of refrigerators at minus 18 degrees Celsius may be an attractive point. This is crucial for preserving frozen fresh ingredients, medicines, or other temperature sensitive items.


For consumers, they may value the shoulder strap design of Colku refrigerators because it makes it more convenient to move outdoors. This is a thoughtful design for business people or outdoor enthusiasts who need to frequently carry refrigerators for service. B-end buyers may have different needs, so the advantage of offering diverse specifications and functions of the product will be of concern. This enables the Colku armrest position refrigerator series to meet the needs of different industries and scenarios. The DC-10F has two cup holders on the top of the refrigerator, which provide a placement function when installed in the car, providing more choices for the B-end.

The Colku armrest position refrigerator series will bring an unprecedented cold chain experience to B-end buyers, not only meeting the high requirements of commercial vehicle modification, but also helping outdoor enthusiasts enjoy fresh ice ingredients. Colku company is well aware of your needs and will continue to strive for innovation, providing more high-quality products that meet market and outdoor needs.

Post time: Dec-06-2023
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