Car refrigerator Colku DC-15F mini armrest fridge

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Colku DC-15F mini armrest fridge is the middle capacity one from this series, we also have the other two capacity for you option. The capacity of this model is 14 liters, which can contain about 8 bottle water (550ml) and 18 cans of coke (330ml) to satisfy the need of daily business trip. Dual storage compartments can provide more flexibility in food presentation, with a temperature range of -18 ℃ to 10 ℃. What is worth mentioning is its fashionable design which we call it sand blasting. There is a LED light inside the fridge, we can find something clearly even though in dark. There is a 12v/24v socket which can change automatically, our fridge also can be used at home with AC adaptor. What’s more, there is a shoulder belt with the product package, so we can carry the fridge like a bag when we are outdoor camping. Whether you plan to go camping, daily business trip or road-tripping, there’s a Colku portable outdoor fridge ready to go along for the ride.





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①High performance compressor, from 25°C to 0°C, within 20 mins.

②Three stage battery protection system prevents vehicle run out of battery.

③Eco-friendly HIPS inner liner prevents food from being contaminated.

④Car home dual use(DC/AC), low power consumption,10 hours only 0.2KWh.

⑤Shockproof and durable design for handling rocky road.

⑥Choose Turbo mode for fast cooling or ECO mode for energy saving.

⑦Shoulder belt allows you to take the refrigerator wherever you go.

⑧Dual storage space, non-slip mat, easy-to-use control panel, inner Led light.




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