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Tips to keep the cool air IN the RV and the hot air OUT!



Keeping the cool in and the heat out of the RV can be very important in the scorching summertime heat. There are some Tips to keep the cool in and the heat out:


Start the rv air conditioner early in the morning. An parking air conditioning unit doesn’t instantly cool down the RV. When the thermostat hits 99℉, it is long past time to crank it up. Check the weather and get a jump on cooling the RV. If you’re going to be away for the day, you can always set the temp a bit higher than normal to keep it reasonably cool, then lower the temp when you return to the motorhome.


Close off vents in unused areas and close the doors to those areasThat keeps the cool air focused where you are.


Park in the shade if at all possible. It can feel 20 degrees cooler in the shade.


Use your awnings. Window awnings and shade awnings all help immensely. Our ice maker in the freezer starts to melt and make one giant cylinder of ice in extreme heat and sun. Shade and awnings help.


Pull down interior sunshades and night blinds to reduce the heat from the sun.


Insulate the back and top of cabinets. Adding foil insulation to cabinets can reduce heat transmission. We used it on our RV windows in the cold and in extreme heat in the past.


Add more insulation. In some motorhomes, there is little to no insulation in the cab area. Some people even remove the back of their cabinets and add insulation. If doing that, be careful of the existing wiring and make sure you can easily access the wires and cables when needed.



We hope our tips can help you. If you want to know more about colku air conditioners, please feel free to contact us.