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How to choose a customized brand OEM factory?


In the refrigeration industry, customized services are the key to meeting the diverse needs of customers.Professional customized services include: starting from accepting customer orders, the factory provides customized product design and development based on customer needs, continuously improves existing products or develops new products to meet customers' unique needs. According to customer requirements, the factory adds specific functions or configurations to the product, including customized control panels, software settings, connection options, etc., to meet customers' specific usage scenarios or requirements.

The image of the customer's brand is crucial. The factory provides customized packaging and labeling services to ensure that the product is consistent with the customer's brand when it is sold.
The factory provides customers with specific order processing and delivery arrangements, including customized order processes, delivery schedules, logistics arrangements, etc., to ensure that the products are delivered to customers on time and on demand.Factories with strong backgrounds provide specific after-sales support and maintenance plans to ensure that customers' customized products can continue to operate stably, including customized repair services, parts supply, technical support, etc.
A refrigeration brand factory with more than 35 years of experience, independently developed and produced car refrigerators, truck air conditioner, RV air conditioners, portable air conditioners for more than 20 countries around the world to provide OEM customization services for brands, helping companies to achieve personalized product customization of high-quality refrigeration companies Colku,

Colku's corporate declaration of quality assurance, customer trust, as a professional refrigeration brand factory, Colku has a strong factory of 50,000 square meters, committed to providing the best quality customized services to global customers, ensuring production monitoring, production process system records, with a strong system of production management discipline, quality inspection before the finished product is shipped. Colku sells well in the international market with its own brand, integrating production, research and development, sales and services, and providing customers with high-quality customized products and all-round support. Colku, your trusted partner!