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New Choice For Outdoor Camping: 60L Dual Zone Car Fridge



When you're gearing up for an unforgettable camping trip or a long journey, an efficient portable fridge is indispensable. DC-62FD is our latest product, which is a 60L Dual Zone Fridge Freezer, the ultimate cooling solution for all your camping needs. Whether you're chilling drinks or freezing food, this fridge meets all your needs, allowing you to enjoy home comforts even in the great outdoors.


DC-62FD is specifically designed for travelers and camping enthusiasts,and it features dual-zone cooling, enabling you to refrigerate and freeze at the same time in one unit. It not only saves space but also provides stable performance under outdoor conditions, ensuring your food and beverages stay at their best.



Colku, as an OEM Outdoor Fridge Supplier,  deeply understands the problems that outdoor camping may face, such as food spoilage, which can affect the camping experience. DC-62FD boasts ample capacity and efficient energy consumption, rigorously tested to ensure reliable operation in various environments.It provides consistently stable cooling services and adapt to diverse outdoor conditions, and offer convenience and comfort.


Our 60L Dual Zone Fridge Freezer is not only robust and durable but also easy to operate, making it the ideal choice for your outdoor lifestyle. Let it be your reliable assistant on your exploration journeys. It ensures that your food and drinks stay fresh during your travels and allows you to better enjoy the pleasures of outdoor living. Wherever your next destination may be, our fridge will accompany you every step of the way.If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for more details.