Colku Shines at 2024 Beijing ISPO Exhibition with Innovative Refrigeration Product

Beijing, 2024 – As a leader in the refrigeration industry, Colku recently demonstrated its innovative products at the 2024 Beijing ISPO exhibition and achieved remarkable success. The company, headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, has more than 30 years of refrigeration experience and its product range covers multiple usage scenarios.

At this exhibition, Colku focused on displaying its high-level products in the industry, including car refrigerator, camping refrigerator and RV air conditioner. These products attracted the attention of many exhibitors with their excellent performance and innovative technology.


The efficient production capacity and strict quality control of Colku’s own factories, as well as cooperative relationships with many countries such as Australia, Europe and the United States, made it the focus of the exhibition. The company’s long-term healthy development environment and continued investment in innovation demonstrate its leading position in the refrigeration industry.

During the exhibition, Colku’s salesmen received many customers with professionalism, not only displaying the company’s products, but also gaining an in-depth understanding of customer needs. Through close contact with customers, Colku successfully promotes its products and builds a strong reputation within and outside the industry.

“We are very satisfied with the success of this exhibition. Through the ISPO exhibition, we not only showcased our products but also established closer connections with our customers. We look forward to bringing more innovative and high-quality products in the future .” said a senior executive of Colku Company.

Colku’s presence at the exhibition not only demonstrates its expertise in refrigeration technology, but also emphasizes its commitment to providing high-quality, sustainable products. As the company continues to expand its market presence, Colku expects to achieve greater success globally.

Post time: Jan-17-2024
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