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Can Colku's GC60 Revolutionize Outdoor Cooling with its Innovative Design and Unmatched Performance?


In the development of refrigeration refrigerators, various styles of car refrigerators, built-in refrigerators, and modified refrigerators have evolved to bring innovative experiences to customers. After years of promotion by the market and customer needs, traditional car refrigerators have developed many mobile refrigerators that adapt to various scenarios. What factors do buyers need to consider when inspecting products when seeking to provide users with special needs?

Outdoor Refrigeration method: Camping refrigerators usually use compressor refrigeration or absorption refrigeration technology. Compressor refrigeration is suitable for use in vehicles or fixed power sources, and has good refrigeration effects; absorption refrigeration is suitable for outdoor environments without power, and can use gas, liquefied gas or gasoline as energy. It is also important to select a cooling temperature range for outdoor refrigerators under changing ambient temperatures outdoors. Camping refrigerators usually need to be able to adjust the temperature between minus 20 degrees to plus 10 degrees to accommodate the storage of food and beverages that require specific cooling temperatures. need. The energy consumption of a good outdoor refrigerator should not be too high, otherwise it will consume the car's power and outdoor mobile power supply too quickly. Considering the energy supply constraints of the camping environment, the camping refrigerator needs to have low energy consumption characteristics to extend Battery or gas usage time. Portability: Camping refrigerators usually need to be lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry and move. Durability: Considering the harsh conditions of the outdoor environment, a camping refrigerator needs to be durable, waterproof, and dustproof to protect the mechanical and electronic equipment inside. Smart functions: Some high-end camping refrigerators have smart functions, such as temperature display, temperature control, energy-saving mode, etc., providing a more convenient use experience.


As a brand factory with more than 30 years of refrigeration experience, colku company has as many as 60 product lines. Mini car refrigerators, camping refrigerators, portable air conditioners, RV air conditioners. are all strengths. One of the GC series, the GC40 outdoor refrigerator, is equipped with a 38L capacity, 12v/24v power supply requirements, high-efficiency insulation panels, and HIPS material inside. Equipped with drawbars and wheels at the same time, it can provide excellent performance whether outdoors or camping.

As a brand factory with a long history of refrigeration, Colku is committed to providing consumers with high-quality, innovative outdoor refrigeration solutions and constantly promoting the development and progress of the industry. The launch of the GC series outdoor refrigerator will undoubtedly bring a new refrigeration experience to outdoor enthusiasts and become a reliable partner for them to explore nature and enjoy outdoor life.