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Colku GC15 portable fridge freezer is made of environmentally friendly PP material, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful journey. The capacity is 15 liters and can hold 21 cans of cola (330 ml). Equipped with built-in high-performance compressor, and the rapid cooling system can make the refrigerator reach 0 ℃ within 20 minutes. The thickness of the cover and insulation board is 3.5cm, indicating its excellent insulation performance. When the power is turned off, the refrigerator can maintain the temperature about 3 to 5 hours or longer time. Efficient power consumption of refrigerators powered by only 40W. A single zone refrigerator can provide you with cooling and freezing , with a temperature range of -18 ℃ to 10 ℃.





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①High performance compressor, from 25°C to 0°C, within 20 mins.

②Three stage battery protection system prevents vehicle run out of battery.

③Car home dual use(DC/AC), low power consumption,10 hours only 0.2KWh.

④Shockproof and durable design for handling rocky road.

⑤Choose Turbo mode for fast cooling or ECO mode for energy saving.

⑥The lightweight design of the 270° swing handle makes it more portable.

⑦Overhead cup holder, lock design, LED control panel.


GC15 拷贝


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