What is the market space for new energy vehicle accessories ?

Colku, a manufacturer with over 23 years of expertise in professional refrigeration, recently unveiled a groundbreaking product designed specifically for new energy vehicles such as the Tesla Model Y, BYD Han, and LI AUTO L7 — an car built-in retrofit refrigerator. This new-designed car built-in refrigerator is carefully installed in the middle position of the car’s rear seat, providing users with an unprecedented driving experience.

Thisnew energy vehicle retrofit refrigerator from Colku not only ensures seamless installation but also offers a range of unique features and advantages:

1. Energy Efficiency and Environmental Friendliness:

Utilizing advanced compression refrigeration technology, this refrigerator minimizes battery consumption in new energy vehicles, aligning with environmental standards.
2. Compact Design:

The design of the my-5 car interior refrigerator is in line with Tesla Model Y, and Colku has also developed a new energy car refrigerator specifically based on the space characteristics of models such as BYD Han and Ideal L7, which occupy the space in the rear seat area

3. Versatile Application:

Apart from meeting basic refrigeration needs during travels, it also features a heating function, reaching temperatures of up to 55℃, catering to different climate and seasonal requirements.
4. Smart Control:

Equipped with smart functionality, users can control the refrigerator’s temperature, on/off settings, and more through a mobile app, ensuring a more convenient user experience.
With a capacity of 4-5 liters, Colku’s car built-in retrofit refrigerator is designed to meet basic refrigeration requirements during travels. Its introduction will offer Tesla Model Y, BYD Han, and Ideal L7 owners a fresh driving experience, adding refinement and convenience to their automotive lifestyle.


“We are committed to enhancing users’ automotive experiences with smarter, more environmentally friendly, and convenient solutions. The launch of this new energy vehicle retrofit refrigerator marks a significant milestone in our automotive refrigeration endeavors. We believe it will bring added convenience and joy to users’ travels,” stated a representative from Colku.

The introduction of this innovative product by Colku into the market for new energy vehicles signifies the growing demand in the industry for smart, eco-friendly automotive accessories. As consumer demands for personalized and functional automotive features continue to rise, the market prospects for similar smart retrofit accessories appear promising.

Post time: Dec-01-2023
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