Colku Demonstrates Brand Strength at the CES 2024 in the United States

[Las Vegas, Nevada] – Colku stole the spotlight at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024) with its revolutionary refrigerator technology. As an important participant in the world’s largest electronics exhibition, Colku exhibited its latest product lines at the exhibition from January 9th to 12th at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada, USA.

Colku’s booth attracted a large number of visitors, the most eye-catching of which was its GC series products, including portable car refrigerators and special refrigerators specially designed for Tesla Model Y. However, the biggest highlight of the company’s exhibition this time is a new GC45P outdoor camping refrigerator, which is equipped with a removable battery, which is not only portable but also provides power in the outdoor environment. This innovative design allows the refrigerator to not only keep food and drinks fresh during outdoor activities, but also charge mobile electronic devices, greatly improving the user experience of outdoor camping.



During the four-day exhibition, merchants from the United States and international markets had extensive exchanges with Colku. Many industry experts and consumers have given valuable product opinions and feedback. Colku said it values these opinions and uses them as an important driving force for innovation and research and development. The company is committed to conducting in-depth research on industry technologies from a customer perspective to better understand and meet consumer needs.

Through this CES exhibition, Colku not only demonstrated its leading position in the field of cold chain technology, but also highlighted its influence as a Chinese brand in the international market. These innovative initiatives of Colku not only unite the brand’s strength, but also demonstrate the company’s determination to bring high-quality, innovative products to consumers around the world.


With the successful conclusion of the exhibition, Colku will continue to innovate in its product lines and technologies in order to take the lead in future market competition and bring more “new Chinese power” to international consumers.

Post time: Feb-01-2024
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