GCP15 Multi Colors Portable Camping Tent Air Conditioner

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Colku powerful portable air conditioner bring campers winter experience in hot summer.No more worrying about sweating when they travel with their families. Outdoor travel will not be restricted.

Because of its stylish and modern appearance design,this air conditioner has been popular by a lot of outdoor enthusiasts when it is on pre-sale.Moreover,it weighs only 14kg,light weight and very handy so that campers can get cold anywhere. There are still 4 colors for your choice,red black gray and blue.There are 100v-110v,220v-240v power supply for your choice,you can use them with AC power directly or use with the portable power station when you are outdoor camping.And built-in ring lighting design helps to provide a bright environment in a wild campsite.Very convenient and easy to control.


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Product Introduction

This air conditioner is design for outdoors&vanlife.Thanks its high-performance compressor,The BTU can reach 2000+BTU so it is perfect to cool up to 4-5 square meters,like in tent,RV,or some small car. In addition, the air output reaches 110m³/h then you can get a cold feeling in a rapid time.And the paddle of the air outlet can be toggled up and down, left and right.More importantly,the air conditioner equips with air inlet duct and exhaust duct.This special system ensures no loss of cold air to get a better cooling feeling.To a certain extent,it also effectively reduces noise and helps quiet sleeping.

For an outdoor electrical equipment, energy consumption is the focus of campers.Colku 220V portable air conditioner is definitely a blessing for them.Rated power is 300W,For example,by connecting with 1KWH portable power station,the AC unit can run for 3-4 hours depending on the working mode you set.Higher cooling effect but lower power consumption.

Colku portable air conditioner is always by your side.Make summer outdoor camping a reality.

Product Parameter



Power Voltage


Cooling capacity


Rated power


Rated Current


Air Volume

195 m³/h



Net Weight


Product size:

516 x 307 X 352mm

Working Temperature


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Product Features

①Handheld design,longer working time with portable power station.

②1300w big cooling capacity,perfect for tent,van or other small car.

③Atmosphere lamp design,easy to use at night.

④Equipped with sleep mode,helps to keep temperature and reduce noise.

⑤Outdoor and indoors use,Easy operating,No need to intallation.

Product Application

For tent/van/truck/boating/trailer/pet



①what power supply does it support?

This model run on AC power,100V-240V.A inverter is also needed if it run on DC power.

②Does this model have heating function?

No,you can set the temperature between 15℃-30℃/59℉-86℃.

③Is there extra battery along with the air conditioner?

No,we don’t supply battery.It will be better to use the air conditioner with portable power station and you will get longer run time.

④Is this model equipped with exhaust duct?

Yes,it is simple to install.Put the portable air conditioner to the preferred cooling area,attach the hose connector and duct,then tun it on and let the cooling begin.

⑤What is the noise level

The Sound Level is 50dB (A)

⑥How many colors can be chosen?

Four colors,red black gray and blue.If you need to customize other colors,feel free to contact us.

⑦What kind of product do you have?

We mainly product DC compressor portable fridge,outdoor tent air conditioner and truck parking air conditioner.

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